I created an installation at the New York Transit Museum which replaced all the vintage ads in a 1961 A train car with my images. On one side the horizontal strip is a sequence of images from Coney Island, including the Stillwell Avenue Station. The other side is a repetition of a new piece, Second Avenue Station, based on the new stations at 72nd, 86th and 96th on the Q line. On the side walls the four images from my series based on the new station at Hudson Yards (see The Subway Series in West Side Stories) are repeated in an alternating pattern. A new piece, 96th Street Station, based on photographs of the station at 96th Street and Broadway replaced one of the maps in the vintage car. The other map was replaced by a diagram of the installation, which served as a key to the project. You can see a video of an interview that was made the night. of the opening here.