I am a native New Yorker, and my artwork is a response to the underlying abstraction in the urban environment. I use photography to document moments of light and color which leap out at me from the street.

My artwork combines images from different viewpoints into a harmonious whole. My photomontages start with digital photographs. They reflect a mental landscape—the ability of the mind to hold many images simultaneously and blend them together into a seamlessly. The result is a densely textured surface, which fluctuates between abstract patterns and recognizable spaces. When you look at a place from one spot you can remember how it looks from other angles, and even vividly visualize unrelated times and places. I use the computer to make transitions between images. 

My subjects come from places I travel, buildings in New York, and even the streets I walk on every day. I create images which are more than a representation of what the world looks like. My compositions to lead the viewer on a journey which triggers memories of the experience of perception, including the contradictions between what we actually see, what we know, and what we remember.